About Alert Fleet

If you can predict the future, you can profit from it.

What’s that worth to you?

Imagine receiving an alert that the road 300 meters / 984 feet ahead is covered with black ice allowing you to make a decision that could potentially save your life.

About Alert Fleet

Alert Fleet

Advanced artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are at the core of Weather Telematics’ legacy business.

Alert Fleet generates hyper-local, advanced, road weather data using Weather Telematics’ patented sensors.

Real-time alerts of hazardous road conditions from 200 meters / 656 feet to hundreds of kms will mitigate risk, saving money and lives.

Making Fleets Safer

Reducing your costs with industry leading road-weather intelligence. Our Alert Fleet’s rapid response, enables drivers to react to pending weather hazards quickly, lowering the probability of weather-related accidents.