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On-Road Technology

Existing US government on-road technology providing data, every 75 kms with only 2,500 RWIS stations across the US

Weather Telematics on-road technology providing data every second


Each year, U.S. carriers:

  • Lose US $2.85 billion due to weather-related issues
  • There are approximately 500,000 accidents involving 18-wheelers. The total economic cost of these accidents is US $112 billion. 20% of these accidents are weather-related
  • Pay an average US $6,800 in insurance per vehicle


Fleets need real-time weather data which enables better planning, resulting in lower operating costs


Weather Telematics’ Alert Fleet platform empowers drivers and dispatchers to mitigate risk and react to new weather conditions in real-time

Alert Fleet’s rapid response, enables drivers to react to pending weather hazards quickly, reducing the probability of weather-related accidents including:

  • Smaller Accidents
    Eliminates or minimizes out of pocket accident expenses which do not hit the deductible threshold
  • Larger Accidents
    Eliminates the number of deductibles paid
  • Monthly/Annual Insurance
    Lowers insurance premiums
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
    Through more efficient planning
Alert Fleets Features
Alert Fleets Features


Alert Fleet provides hyperlocal advanced real-time road weather alerts 300 meters / 984 feet ahead, 1 kilometer ahead and 100’s of kilometers in advance of hazardous road conditions. These real-time road weather conditions and alerts include:

  • Dry, wet, icy, snow risks
  • Ice risks (black ice, freezing rain)
  • Hydroplaning/Flooding risk
  • Low visibility risk (fog)
  • Wind risk
  • Hail risk
  • Lightning risk
    • Alert Fleet can be integrated into existing telematic service provider portal’s or available as a standalone product
    • Alert’s can be delivered inside the vehicle and to a dispatcher via Email/SMS and mobile app integrations

Patented and Award Winning Air Quality Monitoring Sensor

Distinctive Technology
Sensor / dashcam combination provide the ultimate road weather risk intelligence platform for your fleet
Actual Size: 5” x 3” x 3”

Our mobile road temperature weather and air quality sensors provide unmatched accuracy, resolution and quality at a fraction of the cost and complexity of their ground station competitors.

Turn your fleet into its own cost-effective weather station and get the most accurate weather forecast and alerts available!